Poland Diary Part 3 with Anna & Sebastian (Krakow and Tatry Mountains)

It’s time to look back once again to my Poland trip, but this time
it will be the last.
I collected some little moments I will share now and also some more
pictures from our trip to the Tatry mountains on my last day there.
It all started with waking up in the darkness to drive with two different buses to
the place where we started our walk. Happily, I finally saw Poland in a more sunny
mood and this time also with delicate fog that was flying like clouds between the tree tops
and mountains. From the bus, we already saw that the ground was covered with snow
and so it felt like a winter adventure to us. I was so amazed by the beauty
of this place that I couldn’t stop taking pictures and little videos
from the fog that Anna was laughing a little at me because we always had to stop. 
Our final destination was this beautiful lake at the end of the mountains, so
clear and peaceful looking. Better than I could have ever imagined.

3 comments on “Poland Diary Part 3 with Anna & Sebastian (Krakow and Tatry Mountains)

  1. ich mag deine fotos immer so gern.
    alles liebe, sarah

  2. Tatry Mountains is my fav place ever. I'm so glad I have family there. Beautiful photos!

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