Photo calendar for 2015

Say hello to this little new postcard sized calendar for 2015 
that is aviable in my shop now! :)
It comes wrapped in stamped paper with a little 2015 bear tag 
and in a brown envelope with wild animals.
It can be a perfect little christmas gift for yourself or someone you love.
To hang on the wall, put in frames or wherever you like. ♥
You can order it HERE
There will be only a limited amount!

9 comments on “Photo calendar for 2015

  1. Vielleicht ist der Kalender ja schon ausverkauft. Andernfalls stimmt glaube ich etwas mit dem Link nicht.
    Wenn ich Ihn anklicken will steht da "something went wrong"? :)

  2. awww, was für eine phantastische idee!

  3. soooooo beautiful <3333

  4. This is a lovely idea! The photos are beautiful :)

  5. Was für eine schöne Kalender! Super gemacht!

  6. Soo schön! Finde die Idee super UND sie ist vor allem Last Minute geeignet, hehe =)

    Liebe Grüße,


  7. Hi Tina :) I have been following you on Instagram for a while, but I just found your blog now haha, you have a very lovely space here, and your photos are so wonderful :) Your calendar is whimsical too! :)

  8. It is lovely :) maybe i can make myself to have some money and get one <3

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