Pale Darkness // + Longest Winter Playlist


Winter feels so dark and cold this year
that every Winter in the past looks so much brighter in my memory.
I start my walks when the sun is about to set or when it’s
already gone and I can see warming lamps in homes
of people that share a dinner in the kitchen. 
I see fairy lights and a warmth that I miss.

But I come back to a place full of music.
This November was all about music. On my walks, when I work, when I cook
and bake… So here are some
tracks for you that maybe give you some warmth
on these cold and dark days too.


2 comments on “Pale Darkness // + Longest Winter Playlist

  1. Beautiful coat Tina! Where did you bought it?

  2. I love this playlist….music can transform or shape your thoughts. This list really could carry me on a photo day!

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