Our trip to the Netherlands. Diary Part Two – Vlieland (analog)

…On Vlieland the wind is so strong that it’s hard to explore the island
by bike, but somehow we manage to see so many different beautiful parts!
After five minutes Florian tells me there is a cemetery here he wants
to see, so we take the small path on the right and see that
surprisingly it’s a pet cemetery after we read the names ‘snoopy’ and ‘storm’.
It’s somehow very strange and cute at the same time.
For the first time on this trip we are touching the sea and have snacks on the dunes.
Even if so many people came with the bus the island seems empty.
Every now and then we meet someone with a bike, but mostly it’s just
us, the birds, the wind and the water.
We are watching birds from a little hut. They built it
to protect the birds from all the visitors here. 
After some minutes we see a swarm of birds lifting up
and flying above us! At that moment we are filming 
a little video and are very happy to capture this wonderful
The nature is so different on every place. 
We see moss that is in a light green color and the softest
I have ever touched. Little yellow flowers bloom in it and
beside the moss there are large areas of purple heather as well
as dying trees. I love it here.


12 comments on “Our trip to the Netherlands. Diary Part Two – Vlieland (analog)

  1. eine kleine traumwelt x

  2. so wunderschön. <3

  3. Oh such beautiful nature!! I really have to visit Vlieland :)

  4. What do You do, when You develop pictures, for have it on deskop?

  5. Everything looks so soft and calm, it`s beautiful <3

    • Thank you. :) It's because it really is like that there! So soft and calm. Even the people are calmer it seems.

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