On top of the lake

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  1. So idyllisch! Besonderes schön sind die Bilder zwischen den Seerosen. <3 Ich hoffe da war es nicht zu schlammig. >__<

  2. wunderschön. so eine abkühlung wär mich jetzt auch ganz recht :D
    alles liebe. Monika

  3. So gorgeous. The tones fit so well with the setting.

  4. Beautiful work ♡ The first one is my favorite :)


  5. I love the first one so much!

  6. Das sind die schönsten Fotos! Ich liebe Seerosen und wie wundervoll du zwischen ihnen aussiehst.

  7. So dreamy ❤️

  8. I love this new serie of photos, I can't stop admiring it. It reminds me impressionist art. The way you can see and represent light and colors is really beautiful and this makes your work original and unique. Your talent is such a rare and precious thing.

  9. Words cannot describe how magical this is.
    Those Lilly pads are so perfect :) Your imagination is incredible.
    What an absolutely perfect photo series ^_^ I am inspired! You've created such a whimsical world here that is so alluring and compelling.
    Teach me your ways! :P

    Sarah xxo | thesaltyseablog.blogspot.co.uk

  10. the first picture is awesome!

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