My Poland diary – The rainy sea

Tiny raindrops on our hair every day, the wind is stronger at the 
sea and calmer while we wait under a beech tree that will be our umbrella
for a while until the rain stops. People pass by, houses look
pretty with their old facades and bright shining flowers. 
The sand is wet, little treasures from the sea
shine to us. Her favorites are the most tiny pastel pink shells we gather 
and keep in film roll cases.
  Our room is bright, white soft and empty. Big windows
and shadows of waving beech leaves on the walls at night.
All ours. 

The last pictures from my little trip to Poland (Sopot) with my dear friend Anna
Thank you so much for this time.


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  1. Hi Tina!
    I love your photos! What camera did you use?

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