My Poland diary – Poland on film ( Part two )

The next week I spent with dear Anna Nycz and her husband Sebastian 
in Krakow where the train leads me in only three hours. The train ride was calm. 
I listened to music and wrote in my diary while I looked out of the window and 
saw the monotonic, but very beautiful nature around me.
 I have been writing letters with Anna for so many years now, we sent each other also
 little messages and videos on the Internet and so I felt like I know so many parts of her already. 
But when I stepped out of the train I saw this beautiful woman with the warmest smile
 and I knew this week would be very special for me. 
The home of Anna & Sebastian and their lovely cat Rumianek 
is a warm and cozy place where the dinner Sebastian made while Anna picked 
me up is already waiting for us. There is a drawer she emptied for my clothes and 
a lovely place where I can sleep. I feel home.
Every evening they prepare a bread that will be baked in the morning so the warmth
and smell of it always greets me when I wake up. When I
step out of the little balcony beside my bed I see a foggy sky,
mighty trees and little Rumianek on his green chair who watches the blue tits
flying by.
We spent the next days by simply being together. 
Walking trough the city that is colored in autumn. Passing the castle, little streets, 
a nice café, delicious food and little shops. 
We take pictures together and it feels so good to see my
photographer friend pressing the shutter and taking 
pictures of me. Like it has always been that way.
I tasted Polish food and learned a few words that still fly
around my head now and then.
We go on walks near their home in nature. She shows
me this special little place by the birch trees and collect autumn treasures
for a nice bouquet for the dining table and to draw them and little mushrooms
with watercolors later. 
It gets darker outside and the rain starts to make little sounds
on the roof window, that is right above me. Anna makes Pierogi filled with
cabbage for me with some onions that suit just perfect to
our mood and the weather. 
The next day we met with lovely Irenka after Anna and I walked
trough art supply stores. We have a look at the photography museum and
eat very delicious Pierogi once again, but this time with spinach and cheese
in a bookstore she once worked in. 
We share some tea, get our film developed in the lab and drive
to Irenka’s home by bus where we spent a lovely evening. 
The last day we were going to the mountains, but
this is another story I will save for you until the next post. 


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  1. Oh gosh, everything about this post is so perfect and expresses so much love and calmness. I love how the video describes everything you've written. I don't have enough words to tell you how much I love the photos and the short texts and … wow. This is too beautiful.

  2. What CAMERA do you use?

  3. With what camera are taken those photos ?

  4. Beautiful story of my country! I see photos from Zakopane, I can not wait to post about this place.

  5. I'm in love with all this photos and this amazing video! I'm going to Poland next month and I hope I have the opportunity to see as many things as you did.

  6. So so so magical! <3 I love your short descriptions as always, they really let the pictures speak for themselves! Oh and I was just wondering what digital camera you use? (: I know most of your photos are film but I noticed the ones in your previous post were taken digitally, and I'm thinking about getting a camera for myself!

  7. So much beauty in these. Always.

    I need beauty. Always.

  8. Wonderful post <3
    Your photos are beautiful, I always love them, the video is amazing :)

    Jenn | Nocturne

  9. i love your lil videos they're so cute! what camera do you use?:)

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