my home – with you

Some views from my home. ♥

12 comments on “my home – with you

  1. this is so amazing !

  2. Your work is wonderful, your blog is inspiring and beautiful!

  3. Beautiful, love your dress! Is the 4th picture a double exposure or is it a reflection?

  4. Wunderschöne Bilder <3 So viel Natur Zuhause. Toll. :D

  5. your blog is one of my favourite to visit :) these photos are wonderful

  6. wow! so wunderschön! Das erste Foto hat es mir besonders angetan!

  7. Dein Zuhause gleicht fast einem Wunderland, wirklich schön.

  8. Love the flowers in the hot air balloon <3.

  9. You've got so many pretty plants! And I truly love what you wear on all your pictures <3

  10. Your photos are beautiful and very inspiring!

  11. Oh dear your photos are always beautiful.<3

  12. can i ask you where this dress is from?:)

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