Little Christmas Preparations


8 comments on “Little Christmas Preparations

  1. This is so cute Tina 😍 I love everything you made xx

  2. The Christmas decorations are all-so magical. I adore the subtle, but impactful vibe from the natural decorations.. Those candles amongst the greenery ♡ This has inspired me.

    • Thank you so much! :) I really love natural decorations and crafting with paper! :)

  3. So beautiful and inspiring ! Can we expect a little diy session ?

    • Thank you! :) I uploaded a little diy video to my youtube channel. :)

  4. Such lovely little Christmas decorations Tina. It’s like they capture the simple magic of the season.

    • Thank you so! :) I really love to make simple things that hold a little magic inside. :)

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