little birthday picnic. ♥

Looking back on the 5th of May.
May is actually my favourite month. 
All these special and sweet scents everywhere. 
Blooming lilac trees and the greenest grass that gets it’s first cut.
And these lovely people of course. ♥

Thank you for this special day. ♥

14 comments on “little birthday picnic. ♥

  1. How lovely! Really sweet post, and such beautiful outfits/lighting. :)

  2. Diese Bilder ausstrahlen so eine positive Stimmung! :)

  3. Awh, that's so lovely! your picnic must have been very nice :) And you captured the apple rolls too :3

    • Oh yes! My dear I said: oh, we have to photograph the apple rolls for Marilia' at the picnic! As I promised! ;)

  4. I adore that first photo so much! Looks like a wonderful celebration.

  5. picnic, picnic, picnic! …another nice thing abou May is, that there is no "r" letter in the name of this month…as an old saying in our country says, you can sit on the grass, when there is no "r" in the name of the month, so…picnic picnic picnic! :)

  6. Lovely photos and post. Hope you are having the best May ever.

  7. So pretty and lovely! <3

  8. Happy belated birthday, beautiful! May is my favorite month too…my birthday is on May 4 :) <3

  9. schöön. <3

  10. friends,flowers,food – all wrapped up in a wonderful sunny day, what can a girl ask more?

  11. I would love to have a picnic like that!

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