Letters to Anna and light moments

Sometimes words can mean so much, even more when they come from
special people and shine in special light.

13 comments on “Letters to Anna and light moments

  1. Dear, would there be any chance I could write you a letter one day? Take care :)

  2. In love with all of your pictures ♡


  3. Love, love, love that light!

  4. Oh, letters!
    How much love …
    I love a lot.
    Your photos are magical.


  5. wow!! letters in these days are pretty rare but sure they look like fragments of memories in your photos!!

  6. :) yes, they mean the world.words :*

  7. My dearest. I'm the happiest girl I can receive these letters with
    your words and tousands pieces of paper – real treasures.
    My dear, thank you for your pictures, thank you for 'your world'.

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