In the dandelion fields with Gregoria Fibers

on a warm spring evening I discovered this magical wide dandelion field.                       The sky started to become pastel red and yellow while the air still smelled like lilac even if the lilac blossom is almost gone by now. A fresh wind was blowing around and I was snuggled up in my beautiful hand knitted sweater from Anna @gregoriafibers. She runs her own knitting business where she sells natural dyed yarns and knitting patterns for the most adorable sweaters. She kindly gifted me this puffy one with the muted colors that I adore so much. And as I was walking around I saw this lilac blooming wild grass between the dandelions that merged so perfectly with the sweater that I had to stop. Soon the mountains around me turned red and the almost full moon was high above them.

Tina Sosna for Gregoria Fibers

Tina Sosna for Gregoria Fibers
This post is in cooperation with @gregoriafibers

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