I belong to the glow

These moments when everything feels okay. 
The light is shining on your legs, you see the trees passing while your head
 rests on the seat in the train. You listen to the sweetest songs.
And than there is this one song  that reminds you of something special 
and makes your eyes look like a river.
This one song that makes you feel like everything 
will never be okay again. 

5 comments on “I belong to the glow

  1. so wunderwunderschöne Worte! ♥ Und wie immer sehr zauberhafte Bilder!


  2. wunderschöne, herzliche stimmung :)

  3. You literally look like you've been styled for a movie every day of your life.


  4. You are so beautiful and all that you do is so poetic, Tina ❤ I know this feeling but your photos and your words explain it in the most adorable and precise way. Mavie D. P.

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