analogous: hello you, little red kitten

We found this little red kitten next to the brook. I wish I could keep it.

13 comments on “analogous: hello you, little red kitten

  1. aww lovely pictures, lovely cat.

  2. great pictures! an adorable kitten.

  3. oh i love the first photo. amazing

  4. love these :) very cute !

  5. I like all the pictures, the kitten is really beautiful, I love his head :)

  6. oh so CUTE!

  7. Oh nein, wie niedlich es ist! Und wie schön die Fotos. <3

  8. ouuuuuuuuuuuu, sweeettttt <3

  9. so beautiful, i love these photos and the cat. way too cute!

  10. Oh, you can´t keep it? :(
    Lovely photos!
    Greets, RinaVera

  11. Tolle Katze. Voll süßi :)

  12. i really love this, such a wonderful pictures

  13. gefällt mir!

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