The most magical places are just around the corner

Hello you!
I hope you are doing fine? It seems like
Spring was not that long and early Summer is
already here. 

Last Thursday we went on a little hike in
our neighbourhood. We used to do this so often and definetly need
to start exploring these hidden places more regularly. 
You want to see a little video from this day?
We filmed some moments and made a little
video out of it. :)

6 comments on “The most magical places are just around the corner

  1. Dear Tina, I like your blog so much! The way you see the world through the camera or how you act is really inspiring! All my best and I am waiting for new posts!

  2. So soothing, amazing <3 !!!!

  3. woow, wunderschön. wo ist das? :)

  4. Hello Tina! Your blog and photos are so awesome! How do you edit your photos – here or Instagram? I love them <3

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