Grew up like a rose

Every day I see these roses on my bike ride home.
They are so delicate and yet so strong. 
A scent that seems to be not from this world,
so unique and soft. 
A scent of early summer and tender wind
that waves trough the cherry trees that are not
covered in tiny red balls just yet.
muse: maren


9 comments on “Grew up like a rose

  1. Wow! What a wonderful series. This girl is so beautiful, and her beauty is not like anyone else's. I hope you photograph her soon again.

  2. Beautiful woman, beautiful hair, beautiful setting. Well done!

  3. Super schön! Ich bin verliebt in ihre Haarfarbe 😍

    Liebe Grüße,
    Eleonora von from the outset // personal lifestyle blog

  4. These pictures made me think about Alice in Wonderland! Beautiful :)

  5. So delicate and beautiful pictures, my dear. I love roses so so much:) These are flowers of month of my happiness:)

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