Good memories

This will
be the last post with photos from the island!
 I won’t bother
you any longer with these photos. ;) But I wanted to share some
digital ones with you as well! 
I wonder if you prefer the analog or the digital ones from our
trip. I would love to hear your thoughts! :) 
I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and it 
will inspire you to visit the islands someday. 
Take care,
The road that leads us to the ship
All the birds from the sea sleeping above our heads.
Good breakfast in bed every day! :)

 My boy looking very cute and Nordic, directing us to our ship ;)
 Hi there! :)
I always have to smile when he looks at me. :)
A Dalmatian horse?? :)
Time for a break with the most wonderful view over the sea.


18 comments on “Good memories

  1. Ah dear Tina, You looks amazing with this dress. I wanna paint one of these stunning pictures. So dreamy

    • Thank you so much! :) When i found it at the thrift store I thought it would be perfect for our summer holiday! :)
      Ohh i feel honored! :)

  2. You produce such an amazing work! Im crying with happiness <3

  3. And again lovely photos! Loving both the analog and digital ones<3

  4. I just want to run and exercise and hike.

  5. Tina~ these are beautiful memories!! Although I LOVE the digital too, your analogue photos are classic. But I love both!

  6. ahhh meine Omi hat die gleichen Tassen und Teller!! So Niederländisch haha <3

  7. I love both the digital and the analog ones for different reasons… These are just beautiful. I love the one where your smiling at your boy, because it feels so genuine! And I also love the one where you're reaching your hand to the water. Such beautiful memories :) I must say though, the film photos look timeless, as if they belong anywhere, in any time. But then again, I always feel that about film photography :)


  8. amaaazing pictures. I also love them both!

  9. Dear Tina,
    I love your pictures so much, they're making me feel as if I was there with you. Thank you very much, have a strong feeling of going to the ocean soon !!

  10. So, so gorgeous! I love how dreamy your photos are. The analog and digital photos are both lovely for their own reasons.

    As I was looking through this post, I felt like I could almost smell the sea.

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