going a little back in time – a february evening

 Oh I remember this day so very well. This cold warm February evening when the sun decided to make everything in our eyes golden. ♥

10 comments on “going a little back in time – a february evening

  1. oh wie schön. süß ihr zwei. und dein outfit erst. <3 ich liebe es. :D
    liebe grüße. Monika

  2. i'm running out of words for how pretty your photos are.


  3. truly adore your clothing style !

  4. adorable couple,the tow of you <3

    i know i'm late with my writing but this week i will send something to you,my dear :)

  5. Tina!
    Wunderbare Bilder!
    Der Blog und alles was du machst schaut schön aus.
    Bekommst du die Bilder so von den Negativen oder machst du das digital?
    Wunderbare Entwicklung!
    Und die Farben HERZ <3

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