From summer and loneliness

I think many photos I take are about light, but I don’t know
if someone really understands how important these tiny moments are for me. 
A sparkle,
a refletion,
the moon.
Light is everything. 

A little video about light moments:


12 comments on “From summer and loneliness

  1. Also jedes einzelne Bildchen ist mal wieder so unglaublich bezaubernd! Das von der Kirsche gefällt mir besonders gut. Irgendwie gibt mir das ein Sommergefühl <3

  2. Love the natural lights :)

  3. I've always thought that light was your great gift in photography. I have moments of enjoying the natural light, myself. Hold onto those moments. They are truly special!

  4. I could look at these photos for hours. Love the video as well, you have an amazing gift for photography and film, the use of light is wonderful ♥

  5. Your sense of light is beyond this world.

  6. Wunderschöne Eindrücke!! Danke!! x

  7. Fuuuuuck this is so fucking good omg <3

  8. These photos are so so so wonderful (and I'm in love with the song you used in the video)

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