Follow the path to the mountain

16 comments on “Follow the path to the mountain

  1. Wunderschön! *-*

  2. Perfekte Bilder… <3


  3. Stop it oh my goodness that first shot looks like heaven–and whatever's happening in the second one, if those dots were a mistaken, they were a darn good mistake. Beautiful photos, as always!

    • Hihi thank you so so much for this sweet comment. :) They were an accident actually, but I quite like how they give a special atmosphere to the pictures. :)<3

  4. Always darling, always inspiring. For some reason, these stills reminded me of A Walk in the Woods. Have you seen it?

  5. erstmal danke, und wieder einmal richtig tolle Bilder. <3 schön!
    alles liebe. Monika

  6. where did you bought this cardigan?

  7. your vacation looks good my dear!

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