Easter under a cherry tree

I remember these trees from last summer
when I was walking to this little village very near of the town where we live.
I was not feeling so well and wanted to see something beautiful.
I was walking on a path trough the forest and then I saw tiny little red dots
far away hanging on the trees.
There were thousands and thousands of cherries in the brightest red tones!
I remember I was looking for a meadow with cherry trees all summer
and there they were. 
         When I was thinking about a place for an easter picnic this year
I had these cherry trees in mind and how beautiful they
must look in full bloom.

Packed with a blanket and little easter surprises for each other we drove to this place.
The sun started to come out behind the clouds, the wind was blowing
tenderly and we were hiding little chocolates and gifts while
the other one was wating under a jacket on the blanket. : )

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  1. what a lovely place! <3

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