different situations in the last months when I shot single pictures (part eight)

I have to tell you something. I always had pen pal friends,but never someone special like this girl. We wrote about four years now and first met this summer. 
I was so nervous that my legs shivered in the train for five hours and I breathed out irregular in the air. We wrote long letters and told each other our deepest thoughts and feelings. I’m so thankful for finding her and that I heard her voice.
I spend some hours in our little garden not far away from our house
and picked up the first sweet tasting and looking strawberrys.
Dried peppermint for the cold days in winter
 and made some delicious things out of my freshly harvested things.
I took my love to one of my most favourite places to visit in summer
sent the prints you had ordered to you ♥
 and we spent some time with this soft cutie between the trefoil.♥
We had our first vacation together by the sea
which includes spending a lot of time there. ^.^ 
Swimming, enjoying the waves and the sound they make. Walking hand in hand in the sand,  watching the sunset and the campfire.
and had a lovely breakfast at the cold beach in the morning 
under our little tent in our cozy sweaters.
We enjoyed the sun with warm sand on our skin
and had some quite moments on the stones
 while watching the boats crossing our view.
          We also visited Austria and Florians sister. 
Look at these mountains! I was so speechless…
and had a yummy picnic with things my love’s sister made for us.♥
I spent some time in the sunlight while I had lonely walks between high grass
slept deep in my warm bed

ate my favourite lovely looking fruits from our garden together:
raspberries with white currents ♥
and made myself delicious desserts.
My love suprised me with the most wonderful ring.♥
 I always saw this ring in a shop window and 
wanted to wear it on my fingers so he bought the ring secetly for me. :) 
we walked trough the city and dreamed about our perfect entrance door for the future.
Florian took me on his shoulders and we discovered the vacant homes
and the sun went down earlier than the past days.

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  1. That is so touching and inspiring <3

  2. wunderschöne bilder, wie immer. werd gleich mal minze trocknen gehn(:
    ich weiß dass dich das wahrscheinlich viele menschen fragen aber mir gefällt auch die tiefe der bilder sehr, was benutzt du für eine kamera?

  3. ooh gott weingartenpfirsiche <3 :D wundervolle bilder. <3
    grüße. Monika

  4. Hach, wie schöne Bilder du machst! Sieht nach einem perfektem Sommer aus. (Ach, ich vermiss es Brieffreunde zu haben… Ich kenn deine Aufregung ziemlich gut :).)

    • Danke liebe Miriam <3
      Es ist so schön… am liebsten würde ich den ganzen Tag damit verbringen Briefe
      zu schreiben und schöne Dinge zu verschicken. ^.^

  5. so tolle Bilder und Worte <3

  6. I've never had a pen pal friend, I feel like I'm missing life. :(
    Your photos are always so sweet, lovely and inspiring, I love them! <3

    • Thank you so.<3
      I would like to have more pen pal friends, it's so wonderful.<3
      Oh yes, you have to explore Europe! I took them at the baltic sea

      much love to you.<3

  7. oh, and where were the sea pictures taken? Europe is so wonderful, I can't wait to explore those places someday.

  8. Wunder-wunderschöne Bilder! Einfach nur traumhaft! Ich liebe deinen Blog!
    Liebe Grüße,

  9. This is such a beautiful collection of images and moments!!! You are a fantastic photographer and have such beautiful people in your life <3

  10. Ich liebe den Stil deiner Fotos einfach so sehr!

    Liebe Grüße
    mit der zeit

  11. speechless.
    beeing "this girl" is one of the most precious things in my life.
    grateful and all yours.

  12. Such lovely photographs! And I enjoyed browsing through your envelopes. I love making envelopes too!

  13. poetic as usual

  14. I bet you had such a great vacation :D Beautiful images brought to us from beautiful memories, so precious !

  15. what a lovely collection of moments. a glimpse of summer's radiance, I am stunned!

  16. Inspirierend und das erste Bild gefällt mir besonders, das hat etwas einsames, und leicht unheimliches, als wäre jemand im Zimmer, aber es wirkt einfach! :)

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  17. These are so lovely.
    Your story is touching.

  18. your photos are so sweet! x

  19. War euer gemeinsamer Meer-Urlaub zufällig in Rostock? Wenn ja, dann haben wir denselben Leuchtturm fotografiert: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sleepingwhileitsraining/9527169036/

    (sowas ist immer so schön. oh ich hoffe, es ist derselbe!)

    • Ohh! Ja, wir haben Rostock mal einen Besuch abgestattet. Der Leuchtturm war aber der von Warnemünde. :)

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