different situations in the last months when I shot single pictures (part nine)

Pictures from December to March
 I ate the sweetest leftover little tomatoes from our balcony in late autumn
we visited our favourite asian restaurant very often and enjoyed yummy ramen ♥
and I took a lot of grainy red tones photos with my camera that can warm me in hard times when I look at them.
We started to plant four avocado trees
 I had lonely walks,found beautiful little details in the sun 
and new places to spend some time in the summer
and we rescued this lovely sheep that was caught in an electric fence and away from 
his friends. This is a shot from the moment when it felt free again. ♥
 I went out to photograph sunsets and dusty nights and breathed in the cold air and watched warm tones changing into darkness.
 December felt like autumn, because we had to wait so long for the first snow, so we spent the mornings between the leaves
and afternoons in museums, cinemas and christmas markets.
 I baked Lussekatter for the first time. I still have the delicious smell of the saffron in my nose.
and visited my grandparents and their lovely cat and rediscovered some places I remebered from my childhood. I love these dried plants.♥

colder days, colder nights, shorter late night walks.
                we felt the cold deep in our bones and enjoyed the warmth at home.

I sent a lot of letters and prints to you and got many nice thoughts
 and little treasures back (sending out the giveaway prints, letter from Virág Kiss and a birthday package I made for Anna Gawlak)

and my cameras made the moments last.

I enjoyed backing cakes with snow on top

 all the plants started to grow and said hello to me every morning when I woke up

and the sun changed moments into scenes from a summer dream.

Thank you all so so much for your birthday wishes under the last post. They made so happy. Even if I can’t reply to your comments every time they give me the power to go on with capturing my life. All the love to you.♥

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  1. All those letters look so beautiful… and two last pictures – I love them.

  2. So beautiful! I really enjoyed looking at all these gorgeous photos. You have so much taste in everything!

    P.S. I baked lussekatter this december too :) Love this Swedish tradition.

  3. I love this. When I read you I think we see life in a very similar way.

  4. Gorgeous photos. I'm swooning over all of the mail and your cute face. <3

  5. what a lovely post! every picture of yours has a story behind it, i love that!

  6. Such a beatiful heart felt flashback,Tina ❤️

  7. Such a beautiful heart felt flashback,Tina ❤️

  8. i love every single photo above !!!!

  9. aw how lovely! almost as lovely as you are <3
    oh Tina, I just posted a drawing of you on my flickr. please check it out and tell me what you think : https://www.flickr.com/photos/118293296@N06/14168694651/ this is for telling you how mucj=h i admire you and thanking you for being such an inspiration.this also for a belated birthday present :)
    i know i don't comment very often but i always look at your lovely photographs and read your heart-warming words. i hope you like it n_n

  10. Thank you all so so much! :)

  11. The story weaved from these pictures is beautiful.
    And, happy belated birthday tina :)

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