different situations in the last months when I shot single pictures (part eleven)

Hello my lovely readers. ♥
Here are some little moments from the past I want to share with you.

 We enjoyed an intense October sun in the park after eating ice cream,
I Watched the rain and collected a raindrop when the sun disappeared
and was waiting for the sun to come out again.
I wrote a letter to Anna on the meadow,
had walks in the forest with little naps
and  shared Banana Splits with Florian while watching movies in bed.

We saw beautiful sunsets,

 looked back on our trip to Amsterdam

and shared some yummy cake at our favourite traditional café. I can still smell this yummy scent in my nose.

I discovered some new special looking places with my camera

watched Florian falling asleep to wake him up later ^.^

and did some little crafts.

The evenings became longer with each new day

a lovely kitten followed us to our home and played in the snow ♥

and I met with Ewa for lunch at a place 
that had these beautiful bunny illustrations.

I sold my first photo print calendar and was happy to see
 how good it looked in your homes! :)

Everything was so cozy inside the house. Eating nuts and drinking hot chocolate, 
preparing christmas presents and
 building a little gingerbread train. :)

Our usual walk to our favourite little cinema, 
but still I can’t get over how beautiful the path looks with the lights. ♥

The sun was the most beautiful on the coldest days. 
There is something special in the light that I can’t even describe, 
but it makes me feel like everything is possible in one little moment.

I found some little illuminated houses to make the nights brighter.

We had our first sleigh ride in soft snow ♥

and Florian looked the most pretty in his new clothes and the bag I gave to him for christmas. 

11 comments on “different situations in the last months when I shot single pictures (part eleven)

  1. I love every photo! So pretty, darling! <3

  2. Tina you are so sweet!

  3. ich liebe solche rückblicke ♥ und hier scheint jedes foto so besonders, wie die momente, die du erlebt hast – danke, dass du das hier geteilt hast :)

  4. Wirklich schön in deinen Alltag zu blicken..

  5. Ich liebe diese Posts :)
    Wirklich schön :')

  6. so beautiful and soft

  7. Oh, these really got me into autumn/christmass mood:) I always tend to fall in such (acording to actual season) inappropriate/nostalgic moods easily..now I have to bake something christmas-ish:)
    Lovely colection of moments and moods.

  8. Lovely! ♥
    How you edit your photos?

  9. aw tina this is so beautiful and heartwarming

  10. thank you for sharing this beautiful heart felt moments with us :)

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