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One week in Poland/ analog

It looks like it turned into a little tradition to travel to Poland and visiting my friends.

Sadly last year it didn’t worked out so the longing was even more intense. It was also lovely to get to know their new homes. Seeing Matylda and Michal living together, cooking for us and spending the nicest time in Wroclaw. Unfortunately it was incredible hot all week so we had to make breaks for good food and refreshing drinks even more! :)

Anna and Sebastian also moved into a new home not far away from Krakow with a lovely wild backyard and we were lucky to wake up to the light falling through the pines onto our bed every single morning. It was also my first time meeting their beautiful little daughter that filled every day with her sweetness. :)

Somehow time with them passes slower, it’s more intense and pure and it’s a time where I feel loved and welcomed. I feel so incredible thankful to have them in my life.

Since there are too many beautiful moments to share I will start with our day in the sand and birch forest. 


Summer photo diary // + Playlist

For some reason the first summer month went by so fast, even faster then spring did. I remember the rapseed fields and then suddenly they were gone or how the poppy was blooming and now the blossom turned into poppy seeds.

When I passed by people while I was riding my bike I could see how much they needed the sun. Theses first rays, the first summer breeze. They walked in the park with happy faces and light feet. They sat on blankets and read books. It suddenly was all in a new light.

And now summer is here and I want to enjoy it to it’s fullest. I want to cool down in cold water and I want to pick every berry, every cherry that catches my eye. I want to get surprised by the sweet scent of roses while working in the garden and I want to taste all the fresh herbs and salads that grow there. It looks like it became a little tradition to do this weekend getaway to my dads garden. Picking his cherries and driving many hours right next to golden fields on our bikes.


a little video about my June: