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We are all waiting // + February Playlist

Aren’t we all waiting for Spring? Aren’t we all tired of heavy coats and wool hats? I want to feel the grass under my feet and I want flowers on the kitchen table. In the forest I see the first fresh grass growing out of dark brown soil and it shines in this bright green that we see all the time in Summer, but miss in the dark times. From our windows I now see the torrential river since the heavy clouds brought rainy weather. It’s flowing behind the weeping willow that is not standing still for a second. The wind is intense for weeks and so if we are lucky not only rain and clouds are above us, but also sun and the first warm breaths of air. It feels almost surreal this warm air in my face. Then I always wonder about this time when I won’t feel it anymore, because it’s getting warmer every day and it maybe doesn’t seem as special in our eyes. And this thought makes me sad, because isn’t it like that with many things in life? 


The Netherlands Analog Diary / + January Playlist

A few pictures from our trip to the Netherlands that will accompany this months playlist. :) The first ones were taken in The Hague when we had the most beautiful sunset moment and the other ones were taken in the beautiful beautiful Zuid Kennemerland that I loved so much. I have no idea how this trip is already two months ago. Often I miss going on trips now and then and at the same time I always miss being home a few days after I went away.