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A little Summer, a little quiet Summer / Analog Diary + Playlist

First of all I need to thank you all so very much for your comments under my last post. It really made me so incredible happy to read from you. It’s something beautiful to know you are out there and I can share a little bit of my world with you. I will get back to every single one in the coming days. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Until then I have some analog photos and some thoughts about this early summer for you. Sending you warm hugs and fresh raspberries from our garden.

Recently summer feels a little quiet, a little sunny, a little windy. Flowers grow, I sleep in for longer. The heat makes us tired and the plants thirsty. The water is still cold and refreshing, nectarines still feel new and juicy. 


Through The Week 13 & 14

Again this summary seems to be for two weeks! For some reason as soon as the summer arrives I have much more work to do and less time for my own projects, but I hope you will enjoy this still. :) Is there anyone still around here? I have to say I get less motivated doing these summaries since most people don’t comment on blogs anymore and then it’s hard to know if you enjoy these kind of post or not. But anyway, if you want to leave a little note down below I would be very happy. Tell me something about yourself and why you are here. I’d love to connect with you. :)


Starting with yesterday when we went wild strawberry picking. I really feel like these past two weeks were all about berries and cherries or fruit in general! When the day was almost gone by and the rain had cooled down the world we decided to look for these little yummy ones and it became one of the most beautiful walks of this year so far. All the little bird sounds, tiny wind waves and the magical golden light that was shining all around us.

this weeks willow

Someone is very sleepy because of the heat wave and discovers so many new spots for napping.

this weeks yum

When my friend and her son decided to visit me I thought I make bagels for breakfast. I thought I will freeze some for later, but it actually turned out that we ate them all in two days. :)

Sometimes we can have breakfast under the apple tree in the garden. The best kind of breakfast.

I also made madeleines a couple of times and even tried out a vegan recipe. These are just perfect if you want to have some little treat instead of a whole cake.

I also made lots of breads again and the over night pizza we made before, but for some reason most things don’t turn out yummy these days. But this potato, mushroom, red onion, feta white pizza was a yummy exception! :)


This quiche also! Together with a fresh salad from the garden it’s extra yummy!

Our garden is full of beauty at the moment

The other day I also went blueberry picking which is one of my favorite things to do in late June.

Since there were so many I went with Florian together for a second time two days later. But this time we had breakfast with us including a blueberry jam from the berries I picked before and with the most beautiful view under the oak tree.

We also found a field of peas near the road that we all used for a pea hummus.

Hello from us and the biggest blueberries I have ever seen. :)

I also found some old photographs from when our house was getting rebuilt about 55 years ago after it was a little farm for 150 years and my dad is right in there as a little boy.

Cherries and lavender from my dad’s garden. I turned them into compote, cake and froze some. :)

And so June, the month of the roses is almost gone and I’m already missing it.