Belgium Film Diary – Part two ( Antwerp & Gent )

Let’s catch up on my Belgium travel diary. 
I shared some moments from our first day with you here already, but
now I would like to take you right into the beautiful city Antwerp.

We didn’t have so much luck with the weather that day, but after we
ate some delicious things from the Jewish bakery Kleinblatt 
and walked trough the streets
we found shelter in the very lovely and impressive Plantin-Moretus museum

What I loved the most about it was the building itself and
the quiet garden, full of roses that were still covered in raindrops.

The exhibition rooms were mostly so dark that when I saw a little light coming trough
it felt like something so special and warm.
I saw it here too.

We spend so much time there and in the streets before that by the time we went out
most of the stores and museums were closed, so we just walked around and
I found the most pretty closed café arrangement. :)
On the next day we woke up early and went to Gent, where Jolien booked
me for a portrait shoot in the botanical garden. I also captured her together with her lovely Jasper.
They were so kind to give us some company and 
show us around this incredible wonderful city and exhausted
we ended our day in this lovely garden with fresh wind
whirling around us.

Hihi, this donkey was so lovely and funny. This photo made me laugh
so much when I saw it coming from the lab. :)
I took it the morning after our day in Gent that we spent in Leuven
again. We needed some rest and found it there. 

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