Away We Go

I was planning to upload my weekly post here, but I have something more exciting first! :) Some photos from our little getaway!

I have taken more photos on film, but until they are ready to share I wanted to tell you about our little trip and share some of the photos I have taken along the way.

Since Florian and I didn’t have any holiday this year so far and we both couldn’t find a longer time gap yet to go on holiday we came up with an idea. We wanted to do a tiny road trip somewhere close. And so without much planning we looked for nature, lakes and forests around us and started our journey.

My dad wanted to borrow us his little van that we could turn into a bed also so this was perfect! But Florian did his drivers licence 9 years ago and never had much practice… So being together in a car only the two of us is something we have never done before in our eleven years of being together and it was something I always wished for so much. But we were not sure if we could make it, because we were both pretty afraid of driving. We asked my dad for help and he was so kind to practice driving with Florian. After three days of practice we decided to give it a try. And it was beautiful…


We went to a town near the water called Zeulenroda and a swamp in the forest called Pöllwitzer Wald, slept close to two little ponds where we also shared breakfast in the morning. Between the high grass warmed by the early morning sun.

After a while we were comfortable enough to turn our music on and ride on difficult roads between the most beautiful trees. Every time we saw something beautiful we could stop and be in another world. For example this little house on a meadow that looked like it could be in Sweden and not Germany. :) There will be a seperate post with more photos from this place since it looked so special!

I feel so proud of my love for facing his fears and taking us to these places even if it was just for one night.


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  1. Beautiful pics! I would looove to have my own van to travel endlesly.
    Take Care

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