As fluffy as the clouds

10 comments on “As fluffy as the clouds

  1. Very warm and lovely. :)

  2. I never know how to comment on your posts; they are just sheer whimsy and wonder and glorious light all the time. You rock!

  3. I love your photos so much. you make everything look magical!

  4. Always major props to those who get clear shots of animals on film. :) And I love those flares! *heart eyes*

  5. such adorable lil sheepies!

  6. Sehr schöne Lichtspiele!

  7. The sixth and the ninth photo have something magical inside, something related to the light, the hand and the ice, which seems to be as a velvet between the dream of an internal life and what there's outside – and I can feel there's harmony.

  8. Gorgeous photos <3

  9. the pictures make me look forward to going back to germany :)

  10. good days here :)

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