Analog Diary + March Playlist

How fast this month went by… Many songs made it into my playlist and I hope they will make a good company while being home or on a walk. March has been a mix of cold and warm, of snow and almost summer feelings. It made me so happy that you enjoyed my little weekly summery so much! Some of you sent me little messages and it keeps me motivated to continue to document everything with pictures a little more. :) Now I want to share a little collection of analog photos with you. I finally got two rolls developed that I shot between January and March. But only recently when the sun visited us I got the motivation to pick it up a little more often.

I noticed so much more light in our home, especially in the living room. Sometimes I can’t believe we only live here for a year now.

On my walks I discovered a few new places and in all of them I found a little bit of Spring between the creamy dry grass. An isle of snowdrops, wild growing daffodils and willow catkins.