A new start in a new light?


First of all thank you so much for your comments under the
last post or if you are a silent reader for looking at this blog now and then.
It was so nice to hear about the things you would like to see here.

I’m writing this from the kitchen table, with some herbal tea while
the rain heavily crackles on the window. It’s a stormy evening, a storm
I was waiting for so long.

I thought a lot about how to change this blog in the last weeks 
and now that I know you want me to be a little closer I think about it even more.
I have to say that it’s not easy for me. Even if I have so many things in mind
that I would like to share I don’t really know if it’s the right thing and how to keep
this a special corner. 

A thing you maybe not know about me yet is that I struggle with being very sensitive
and having constant mood changes. It follows me like a shadow for several years now
and photographing as well as sharing things on this blog
has always been and still is like a cure for me. It became something natural,
because photography belongs to me.
It’s like a thought I keep thinking on in another way every day.
A thought that excites me and makes me dream.

I would like to imagine this place to be a happy place. A place
of inspiration and light for everyone. 
And in all these years I received such great and intimate mails, messages and letters
from you that I could see it means something to a few people on this

I want to let you see life more through my eyes.
A little deeper in certain moments.
And I would love to share the things I currently love,
more about my work, daily life and our garden.
But for now I will take you into the golden
hour of this Sunday. Into one of the happy days. 


16 comments on “A new start in a new light?

  1. I really love this blog, your photos and how you is so inspiring. Thanks for everything 💕

  2. Omg, Tina. How can you make me feel so many things with a picture?
    Thank you

  3. Dear Tina, you are a teacher in seeing Beauty! I'd love to post here, too this little thing that I wrote for you:

    Some people are really close to my heart even though I’ve never met them. They enrich my life a lot! These special persons are hungry for beauty and they know how to use their gifts!

    Tina Sosna is a person who radiates Light! She is a delicate girl, she is pretty and she loves Nature! She is very creative, she’s an artist! The thing that fascinates me most about Tina is her ability to find extraordinary details in ordinary things.

    Sometimes we are too caught up in our frenetic lives and we don’t notice or we ignore the magic that surrounds us. We become blind to the beauty of the simple things.

    Thanks to Tina I pay more attention to the shadows’s patterns and to the places & things bathed in Light. I take notice nowadays to a corner of the room that it’s especially caressed by the sun light or to the playful trees’ shadows dancing in the middle of the road. Things that may seem small, but they mean a lot to me, they bring me such joy!

    I am walking in the park and I notice something beautiful and I think: “Thank you, Tina!”, meaning “Thank you for showing me how to feel the grass’s heart beat, the flowers’ whisper, the tree branches that act like ballerinas or the jolly shadows! Thank you, Tina for teaching me to be patient when I am in the nature and to let my soul’s windows open to receive Life’s miracles!

    • How lovely that you say that. Thank you so much.
      And what you wrote about me… I have no words for how beautiful it is that you see all this in me. I think there is no better
      way in enjoying life than trough all these little moments. I'm happy I could make you aware of them. <3

      Thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. <3

  4. So happy to read more from you here… ! I hope you’ll find the place you’re looking for and building by revealing a little more about yourself and your own journey :) I’m usually a discret and invisible reader but I’ll try to write more in comments from now :)

    I was moved by what you wrote: I’m also an highly sensitive person (have you heard about it, I mean, as a category of people ?) and I definitely relate to your words and high sensitivity: I’m struggling everyday with it, ups and downs of my life. My emotions are so raw, and such a part of who I am. They are my only guide and goals through life, while I keep on looking for more love, beauty, art, self-expression… Photography has also been my life and salvation since I’m a teenager.

    But that’s definitely one of many things that I love about your work: your sensitivity. Cherish it dear Tina, it’s the most beautiful present from your soul, to yourself and others.

    • Hey Tina. <3

      I'm very glad you decided to write me here. It's just so nice to get to know my readers better and to connect in some kind of way. :)
      Oh yes, I know this group exists. :) I can completely relate to what you say. My emotions and feelings are everything I am and I'm glad
      that I feel everything so intense. It has always influenced my art a lot in all these years. <3

      Thank you so very much. <3

  5. Hi Tina! : )
    I’m so so happy that you decided to share a little more about you and your personal life on the blog.
    Although I don’t know you in a real life you don’t even know how I appreciate everything you’re doing for all of us.
    Your daily photos, posts on the blog and videos make my day a lot better (Trust me ^.^).
    I’ve never had enough courage to write to you, but now I had to.
    I have to say you’re the most incredible and lovely person I know.
    Thank you for everything you do.
    Thank you! ♡♡

    • Hi Justyna,

      I'm glad you like it this way and that you enjoy all kinds of my work. :)
      Thank you for your support and lovely words. <3

  6. Hi Tina, such a beautiful words and photos! Being sensitive is not a bad thing too, and because of this gift, you are able to see and find beauty in little ordinary things. I sort of can understand that :) I just discovered your blog and vog recently, and I really like them. All the best :)
    Big hugs and support,
    Sye Ling

    • No, it's not a bad thing. I like that it helps me to see the world in another world. It just can be very hard to deal with
      when the world is ticking in another rhythm and you often feel depressed. But it makes me really happy to know that you
      enjoy my work.<3 Thank you for your support and for saying hi. <3

      All the best for you. :)

  7. Oh tina, your blog sure is a special corner. These are Beautiful words &photos you post on here! Keep it up :)

  8. I am too a very sensitive person and struggle often with the things you describe. I feel less alone knowing that there is also people like me that I cross in my everyday life in a physical and virtual sphere. Beauty is definitely a way to cope with all of that. Thank you for opening yourself up and keep doing what you feel you should. Take care and good luck with everything 🌿

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