Today I’m 21 years old and the sun is here with me.

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  1. <3
    happy birthday, tina.
    i hope you had a wonderful day.

  2. Happy birthday beautiful! I wish you the best x
    this photo shoot is so lovevely! lovely as always :3
    oh and i love your outfit <3

  3. I hope you have had the most amazing day today :)

  4. omg i didn't know that today is your birthday and you're only 21 ! it means you're still in the wonderful years of youth, nothing is more precious than that :)
    by the way, happy birthday, lovely girl ! ♥
    I adore you and your photos so so much, all the best wishes for you only !
    be happy with your darling on this beautiful day hehe ;)

  5. well happy birthday :)

  6. Happy birthday lovely! Alex


  7. happy birthday to you!!
    hope you had a wonderful day ♥ i love your photographs so much!!

  8. Anonym

    Happy Birthday!
    You are beautiful as always <3

  9. happy birthday tina :)

  10. alles alles liebe und gute. <3
    liebe grüße. Moni

  11. Anonym

    Happy birthday!

  12. I wish you all the best and lots of inspirations!

  13. 21 and so lovely! I have to say happy birthday again on your blog even though it's over now. It looks truly magical in the light <3. xx Abby (formerly teawiththemoon)

  14. happy birthday tina! now we have the same age! i wish you the best!

  15. beautiful photos and pretty girl. :)

  16. happy birthday;)

  17. happy belated birthday! hope you had the loveliest day:-) xx

  18. There is an entire world waiting for you :)

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