1000 lovely people – prints – giveaway – warm hearts in pictures

1000 lovely people are following my life trough my photographs now.

You support me, write the nicest words or simply look every now and then 
at my pictures.There is nothing I could do to thank you for that… 
So I already made a Thank you discount on my print shop here: print shop and here: print shop

( every print is available for 5,00€ + you can have every picture and you get some nice 
words and a little something from me ;-) )

But I also wanted to make something different too. 
Maybe a giveaway, an ask me post or something like that,but I need your help. I want to make something my readers would like to have and not something I want to make. So please write me a comment under this post.
A warm cup of delicious tea and a sweet piece of cake for you.

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  1. Maybe a free print? :D Keep it up! Your pics are so good!

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